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The Dixon’s room was inspired by the story of Sadako Sasaki.  David Dixon’s sneakers was brighter then the achromatic room that he and his brother, Glenn Dixon, created.  One of the thing I like in their room is this crow fabric on the seat. 

The pillow and bedding (it was weird seeing a circular bed with a canopy) used the black and white color scheme.  I like the texture of the fabric in this one.  

Ikea’s pink lantern over the black colored kitchen. 

So many question but so less time to ask, as it was getting crowded.  In the Dressler’s room, they feature interesting find.  The room to me was very dark, but the one of a kind items that is incorported in all the pieces was fun to discover.   This is a boot form, I saw a shoe form in the room somewhere and I think it said Made in 67, I don’t remember but that sounds right.  They also had a cool coat hanger with engine valves as the pegs.  The other thing I like was the rotating stair like walls.  Overall, I like that their is alot of craftspersonship involved, from collective finds to welded metals and wood work ofcourse.  Their rocking chair was neat too.


Earth Inc had a neat swing.  I wonder who is the master mind behind this?  Reminds me of a light bulb.

I like the fabric trimming on this pillow.

I like the idea of using paint can as light fixture. 

Nice flower light fixture

Recycled parts


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